Karrke Aboriginal Cultural Experience & Tours


Terms & Conditions


Please take the time to read and under­stand the con­di­tions of book­ing as set out below pri­or to book­ing a tour with KAR­RKE ABO­RIG­I­NAL CUL­TUR­AL EXPE­RI­ENCE AND TOURS

1. Our con­tract

    All book­ings are made with KAR­RKE PTY LTD trad­ing as KAR­RKE ABO­RIG­I­NAL CUL­TUR­AL EXPE­RI­ENCE AND TOURS (ABN 60 601 548 592) (KAR­RKE). By mak­ing a book­ing with KAR­RKE you are deemed to have agreed to these book­ing con­di­tions (which con­sti­tutes the entire agree­ment between you and KAR­RKE) and your book­ing will be accept­ed by KAR­RKE on this basis. The ser­vices to be pro­vid­ed are those referred to in your book­ing confirmation.

    2. Valid­i­ty

      Dates and itin­er­aries are valid until 31 March 2022. Beyond 31 March 2022 dates and itin­er­aries are indicative.

      3. Accep­tance of book­ing and final payments

        If KAR­RKE accept your book­ing KAR­RKE will issue a con­fir­ma­tion invoice upon com­ple­tion of the tour depar­ture. A con­tract will exist between KAR­RKE from the date KAR­RKE issue the con­fir­ma­tion invoice. Please refer to your book­ing con­fir­ma­tion invoice for details regard­ing final payments. 

        4. Can­cel­la­tion by us

          KAR­RKE tours are guar­an­teed to depart on time once KAR­RKE have one ful­ly paid trav­eller unless min­i­mum group size specif­i­cal­ly states oth­er­wise. KAR­RKE may can­cel a trip at any time pri­or to depar­ture if, due to any biose­cu­ri­ty bor­der clo­sures, nat­ur­al dis­as­ters, extreme rain con­di­tions, extreme dust storms, extreme heat con­di­tions or oth­er exter­nal events it is not viable for KAR­RKE to oper­ate the planned itin­er­ary. If KAR­RKE can­cels your tour, KAR­RKE can offer an alter­na­tive date or pro­vide a full refund.

          5. Can­cel­la­tion by the trav­eller / agent

            If you can­cel your book­ing can­cel­la­tion fees will apply. A can­cel­la­tion will only be effec­tive when KAR­RKE receives writ­ten con­fir­ma­tion of the can­cel­la­tion. If you can­cel your booking:

            • Day of tour………………………..NO REFUND
            • 1 – 2 days……………………………..NO REFUND
            • 3 – 5 days……………………………..10% admin­is­tra­tion can­cel­la­tion fee

            6. Book­ing amendments

              If you wish to amend your book­ing you must noti­fy KAR­RKE at least 5 days pri­or to the pro­posed depar­ture date. If you noti­fy KAR­RKE less than 5 days pri­or to the pro­posed depar­ture date the refund pol­i­cy applic­a­ble to can­cel­la­tions will apply (as per the above points).

              7. Con­ces­sion, Infant & Child & Adult rates

                Infant & Child rates:

                • Infants under four (4) years old trav­el free of charge. 

                • Chil­dren five (5) years but under eleven (11) years old will be charged at the child rate. 

                Con­ces­sion rates:

                • Aus­tralian stu­dents twelve (12) years but under sev­en­teen (17) years old that are enrolled in accred­it­ed sec­ondary or ter­tiary edu­ca­tions with approved valid stu­dent iden­ti­fi­ca­tion card will be charged at the con­ces­sion rate. 

                • Uni­ver­si­ty / TAFE stu­dents eigh­teen (18) years and over will be charged at the adult rates. 

                • Elders who are an Aus­tralian res­i­dent with a nation­al­ly recog­nised Senior’s card, will be charged at the con­ces­sion rate.

                8. Group book­ings

                • Min­i­mum no. of 10 pay­ing pas­sen­gers and Max­i­mum of 50 pay­ing passengers.
                • All group reser­va­tions are to be request­ed in writ­ing to peter.​abbott@​karrke.​com.​au
                • All oth­er spe­cial requests for pri­vate or char­ter book­ings are to be request­ed in writing.

                9No show / late arrivals

                No Refunds for No shows and late arrivals on the day of the tour departure.

                10. Trans­fers

                  Due to the remote loca­tion where KAR­RKE oper­ates KAR­RKE do not pro­vide trans­fers for trav­ellers which are not includ­ed in all rates. Trav­ellers will be required to arrange their own trav­el arrange­ments to KARRKE.

                  11Change of itinerary

                  Kar­rke will endeav­our to oper­ate all tours as offered. KAR­RKE reserve the right to change the tour itin­er­ary. Please refer to point 4 above.

                  BEFORE DEPAR­TURE: if KAR­RKE makes a major change, KAR­RKE will inform you as soon as rea­son­ably pos­si­ble if there is time before depar­ture. The def­i­n­i­tion of a major change is deemed to be a change affect­ing at least one day in five of the tour itin­er­ary issued. When a major change is made you may choose between accept­ing the change, obtain­ing a refund of mon­ey paid of the tour or accept­ing an alter­na­tive tour offered.

                  12Claims & complaints

                  If you or your trav­ellers have a com­plaint about KAR­RKE tours please inform KAR­RKE at the time in order that KAR­RKE can attempt to rec­ti­fy the mat­ter. If sat­is­fac­tion is not reached through these means then any fur­ther com­plaint should be put in writ­ing to KAR­RKE with­in 30 days of the end of the tour.

                  13Pho­tos & marketing

                  KAR­RKE con­sents for cam­era pho­tog­ra­phy to be tak­ing through­out the tour. We do not grant per­mis­sion for use of any voice record­ing or film mak­ing of any mat­ter dur­ing KAR­RKE tours. For all indus­try pro­mo­tion­al pur­pos­es request­ing film­ing please email peter.​abbott@​karrke.​com.​au to dis­cuss your pro­mo­tion­al pur­pos­es require­ments. KAR­RKE reserves the right to refuse spe­cif­ic requests to any or all cul­tur­al sen­si­tiv­i­ty mat­ters non relat­ed to its cul­tur­al tours.

                  14Pri­va­cy policy

                  Any per­son­al infor­ma­tion that KAR­RKE col­lect about you or your trav­ellers may be used for any pur­pose asso­ci­at­ed with the oper­a­tion of KAR­RKE tours or to send you mar­ket­ing mate­r­i­al in rela­tion to KAR­RKE events and spe­cial offers. The infor­ma­tion may be dis­closed to our agents, ser­vice providers or oth­er sup­pli­ers to enable KAR­RKE to oper­ate the tour. We will oth­er­wise treat your details in accor­dance with our pri­va­cy pol­i­cy. (avail­able for view­ing on our Website).

                  15LOSS OR DAMAGE

                  KAR­RKE accepts no respon­si­bil­i­ty for the loss or dam­age to per­son­al items suf­fered by your pay­ing pas­sen­gers on site includ­ing the carpark area or dur­ing its tour operations.

                  16PER­SON­AL INJURIES

                  KAR­RKE will not be held respon­si­ble for any per­son­al injuries sus­tained by your pay­ing pas­sen­gers on the site includ­ing the carpark area or dur­ing its tour operations.

                  17TRAV­EL INSURANCE

                  KAR­RKE encour­age all pay­ing pas­sen­gers to pur­chase trav­el insur­ance to cov­er any unfore­seen circumstances.